Pricing Strategies Driving Profit Optimization & Value Creation

In a bid to grow market share and stay competitive, corporations are fast recognizing how pricing is becoming a core lever in profit optimization and increasing the overall bottom line. Conventional pricing strategies are becoming less effective, with changing buyer value perceptions, calling for new, agile and innovative approaches. Join Asia’s top pricing leaders at Asia Pricing & Revenue Management Summit 2016! Be part of the conversation and learn how you can leverage pricing and revenue management strategies to increase profit margins and drive sales.

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2016 Highlight Speakers

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Top Reasons to Attend

Gain inspirations from leading B2B & B2C practitioners on implementing successful Pricing Transformation Journeys

Asia Focused: Learn how to navigate pricing and revenue complexities in one of the world’s most dynamic and competitive regions

Evaluate The Sharing Economy’s Innovative Pricing Structures: Do they have a place in your businesses?

Introducing all-new RETAIL FOCUS DAY: How are retailers leveraging pricing, category management, and predictive analytics to drive revenues?

Benchmark & Fine-Tune Your Pricing Strategy: Exchange pricing know-hows with your peers in practical case studies and industry-specific interactive roundtable discussions

Achieve Pricing Excellence across internal functions & elevate the importance of pricing in your organization

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